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As the ice and snow give way to new life in the forest, we'll be putting the knobbies and elbow guards to the test.  Dust off your goggles and stir up your courage, the Captain is beckoning you to...

...DROP IN!  June 13, 2015

We're going all in for 2015!  One day, all day, all rowdy mountain bike racin'!!

Transitions are untimed mellow climbs with major portions shuttled.  Then comes the raucous lung busting, heart pounding, adrenaline sapping, can-I-do-it-again fun!  

Riders and bikes will be shuttled up Old Stage Road to Gold Camp Road and then dropped off onto Forest Service Roads to navigate to the starts.  These are primarily descending courses, but don't let that fool you, the Captain plays rough and for keeps!

There are a lot of great enduros popping up all over the state and a darn good series, but if you want in on the orignal action and a chance to throw down for one impressively gnarly day of racing, then sign up for the legendary Captain Enduro!

Sign up, spread the news, help make this a success as we blast super fun tracks demanding everyone bring their good skills on race day!

Tim Scott - Race Director